Anabolic Running Program Reviews 2022 Scam Or Really work!

Fitness goals and weight loss have been a major concern for more people every day in the world nowadays.

Everybody wants to have a healthy look and perfect body with glowing abs and a flat stomach.

time for fitness
Time for fitness

Unfortunately, most people do not achieve most of these goals due to a variety of setbacks including the difficult and long way they will have to go spending a lot of money, effort, and self-discipline and sticking to tight schedules and lifestyles.

Usually, they will stop after running out of their first burst of motivation, unsatisfied with the results.

But the good thing that it is not always that dark, and we will be discussing a very sensible cheap option to help you overcome all these difficulties.

In this article, we will be reviewing the Anabolic Running Book Program by Joe LoGalbo.

The product site starts by asking  a simple question saying, “Could It Really Be Possible For Normal Guys To Build Head-Turning Muscle, Demolish Stubborn Fat, And Ramp Up Their Sexual Performance Just From Running 16 Minutes Per Week?”

The author has built this program on a simple claim that he has developed a bunch of steps leading to a scientifically proven strategy.

What will Anabolic Running Program teach you?

  1. How to increase testosterone hormone levels in your body to boost libido, improve stamina, and burn more fat.
  2. The exercises in this program help in producing more nitric oxide that will pump your arms, and they are also cardio exercises that help your heart.
  3. The program will turn your body into a fat-burning machine and there is no need to do a lot of work at the gym.
  4. The time interval training technique in this program wastes less of your time on exercise and gives the same or even better results.
  5. The program works as a system to increase your basal metabolic rate, this will make your body burn more fat and build more lean muscle mass.

How to perform anabolic running?

That will help you to burn a lot of more fat in the belly and build piles of muscle by increasing the growth hormone for over 500%, and you will also stand as a monster in bed.

anabolic running
Anabolic running

The secret strategy Joe claims has been used and mentioned in the program is not the only thing this program offers, but it also includes some free extra content for the same price.

The amazing thing here is that the whole package comes for $15 only, including the extras.

So this makes Anabolic Running program one of the cheapest products and hence the safest financial investment to help you reach your fitness goals and perfect body.

This amount of cash can be easily spent in a single day for a meal or unnecessary entertainment.

This program is not recommended for its cheap price only, but it contains a lot of high-quality information.

The program includes guides for improving testosterone levels, high-intensity interval training HIIT, and general workouts.

This program is also video supported as it will guide you through the full process of exercises required in the program.

The program also provides easy scientific explanations for you to understand all its strategies before applying them on your body and that is a great plus for the author, in my opinion, this makes you more motivated and action-oriented.

Anabolic Running Book Hacks and Tricks by Joe LoGalbo

Joe LoGalbo is a professional trainer in the States, he used his method to train hundreds of athletes per year and get them the best results.

He is also an AFPA Sports Conditioning Specialist, and he displays personal photos of his body and the effect of the program on him.

anabolic running workout
Anabolic running workout

The way Joe found his strategy is quite interesting, as he was trying to prepare himself for a marathon and the regular cardio training was making him even worse,   dropping weight, losing his libido and his wife started to get concerned.

After that, he was diagnosed with low testosterone and started replacement therapy.

Leo did not give up and did some research and found his way to increase testosterone naturally by using high-intensity training to help him solve his problems and boosted his hormone level by 530% as he said.

He gathered all the relevant data and some extras, formulating it in a single program which is the Anabolic Running.

The mentioned story and the given credentials of the author both prove that he is worthy of the trust.


You should consult your physician before using any program, whether it is Anabolic Running or not.

To make sure you are completely healthy and able to perform, it without adverse effects on any of your health aspects.

If you have any ankle, knee, or hip problem, visit your physiotherapist before you start using this program.

Advantages of The Anabolic Running Program

  1. The program is detailed, specific and written in an easy language for everyone to understand.
    set goal take action
    Set goal take action
  2. The program is supported by credible scientific evidence, and the author also mentions it to help you get motivated and convinced.
  3. All exercises mentioned are supported by video to prevent mistakes, which is a great thing for a $15 program.
  4. Anabolic Running program is sold for $15 including some more extras which gives it even more value for a very affordable price. This makes anabolic running one of the best value for money bargains on the market.
  5. The author uses pictures showing the effect of the program on his own body, and this gives him much credibility.

Disadvantages of the anabolic workout program:

  1. The secret strategy mentioned in the program is actually not very secret, but you will have to dig some deep to find it on the web.
  2. 2. Any online program, in general, lacks the feedback and supervision of the trainers, so you will have to do it for your own.
  3. The extras added to the program are not really shocking or game-changing information, but they are scattered all over the internet. The author did a very good job organizing and editing the final products, though.
  4. The program is dependent on increasing testosterone levels, so it is not suitable for women in general.

The program uses some tough techniques and exercises, which makes it difficult to use for most starters.

What is the difference between normal cardio and anabolic running?

Some people like cardio exercises and some do not, other people completely hate it, but the thing they all agree on is that cardio gets the best results one way or another.

Research proved that cardio exercises are a necessary part of every healthy routine.

A ton of recent research showed the positive effect cardio exercises have on the different systems of the body, including boosting immunity.

However, regardless of those benefits offered, the cardio exercises can have its cons also in the long run.

Let us see running for example to clarify this issue. If you start running every day, you get happy and satisfied as your adrenaline and endorphins spike with each run.

In the first few months, you will get a ton of benefits from it. You will lose weight, burn fats, and get a lot more fit than before.

After that your body will get used to it, you will no longer feel that spikes. It will be like walking for you, and you will stop burning weight, and you may start gaining more of it.

This is because your body energy production and burning will adapt to your cardio exercises.

The anabolic running will always keep your body in spikes for longer periods. The program is designed to make your body benefit from the workout in the long run.

Adaptation of our bodies can work against us in the field of exercise. This makes our bodies burn less fat over time.

This is what happens with cardio exercises, it raises the levels of serotonin in the blood, this elevates the heart rate and metabolism to help you burn more fats.

After that, your body will adapt to these levels and become resistant. This overtime can cause heart attacks.

This is the cause of surprising heart attacks in the athletes and fits people.

So, the perfect balance for you is to keep high serotonin and metabolism levels for a short period.

At the same time, your body should be able to do these functions without these high levels.

This is the core of the anabolic running program, you will keep all the benefits without getting the risks of extended cardio exercises.

Anabolic Running Book Scam or Does it Really Work?

Anabolic Running program scam
Anabolic Running scam

This program here is an effective, trusted method for anyone who wants to get leaner and more fit without investing a lot of money or time with guaranteed results.

You will learn some tricks to Improve Testerone levels with natural foods, also anabolic oils used in the ancient Moroccan city thousands of years ago.

Many tips you will learn about how to perform anabolic workout to the beginners without any load to your body.

Anabolic Running promotion
Anabolic Running discount

Anabolic Running Program Bonuses and Discount

The program package involves the following books:

  1. Anabolic Running Main Program
  2. Bonus: Shock and Awe Strength
  3. Bonus: Testosterone Hacker Handbook
  4. Bonus: Indoor Anabolic Running

These four impressive handbooks will form a complete system for you to get the best results in less time.

This program also asks for very little time of exercises per day, which allows you to mix it with other programs if you can stand it physically.

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