Brian Klepacki’s Unlock Your Glutes Workout Program Review, 2023

Unlock Your Glutes is a workout program developed by Brian Klepacki, a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

The program is focused on targeting the glutes and aims to help individuals achieve a stronger, more toned and shapely buttocks. The program includes a combination of different exercises, such as squats, lunges, and dead lifts, that are intended to activate and strengthen the glutes.

The society we live nowadays is going crazy about the way everybody looks, the social media has augmented this feeling that everybody should look perfect.

The good side of this phenomenon is that people are now looking more after their health, men are trying to lose extra belly fat and expose six-pack abs, while women are striving to look slimmer.

Everybody wants their glutes area “butt” to look round and tight and that’s what unlocks your glutes program is made for and that is what I am writing about today.

We are offering today an in-depth review of the Brian Klepacki’s program designed to make your glutes area healthier, tighter and sexier.

This article will help you decide whether it will help you with your fitness goals or not.

Your glutes are your most powerful muscles, they act as an engine supporting your lower body muscles and movements.

They are essential for actions like sitting, standing, jumping, walking, squatting, and a lot more.

The stronger your glutes are, the stronger your body performance will be, and it also helps in other functions as burning fats and pumping venous blood back to your heart.

How will this program help you ?

The program through its course enlightens you about a lot of information, for example:

  1. The author exposes all different myths about the topic of building strong back muscles, such as the importance of working on your butt muscles in the right way and stop focusing on aimless leg workouts.
  2. The different barriers against activating your glutes and how to prevent them and allow your glutes development.
  3. The new GM3 method for stimulating your glutes muscles which are supported by scientific evidence, this method includes sets of exercises to increase fat burning and build strong tight butt muscles.
  4. All you need to know about Hip Thrust exercises and its different modalities which will allow you flexible exercise sets to build a strong round butt.

What does Unlock Your Glutes program offer?

The program’s name is self-explaining as this program will give you all the knowledge you need to know about your glutes muscles.

This is done through a series of articles including basic anatomical knowledge about the glutes muscles, a detailed guide showing trusted exercises, and techniques.

To improve your butt’s shape and form, as it also reveals a lot of misinformation about the optimal way to get strong glutes.

The program comes in the form of video workout explanations showing step by step in the form of 36 exercises which you will need to practice for 15 minutes only twice a week.

These 36 exercises are designed specifically by the author of The reviewing and studying in-depth the anatomy of the glutes muscle and the best way to get them in shape.

This program targets butt muscles mainly, but it also stretches the lower back and thighs muscles.

Many women have been always looking for a firm butt and have troubles hiding cellulite and other lax areas.

This program gave many women great results and a better look than trying regular butt exercises.

Who is this program for?

The program is designed for anybody with are you are a gym fanatic or a couch potato it is basically suitable for almost every fitness level and for both men and women.

This program is highly beneficial for those who haven’t used any glutes workout programs before.

Note that you need to consult your doctor or physiotherapist to use this program if you have a sustained knee injury or any other medical conditions.

That you think might interfere with the program and affect your health adversely.

Who is Brian Klepacki and why we should trust his information?

In programs like this the author usually tries to hide their identity but in this program is not the case.

Brian is a well-known coach in Florida, he has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and a Masters in exercise science from Florida Atlantic University.

Brian also is easily found on social media like Facebook and has a film with me new videos and posts them on YouTube so you can check yourself.

Brian owns his company specializing in training and fitness goals Optimal Performance Training which is located in Petersburg, Florida where he lives with his son and wife.

He has been certified strength and conditioning specialist in Florida for 16 years he’s a well-known face in the fitness industry magazines, and TV shows.

He has also worked with the American Olympic team and in the National Football League.

Brian’s wide experience helped him achieve the best results using a trial and error method which made him an expert in knowing exactly what works.

Brian has also coached and trained many athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness models.

After reviewing all this information about Brian we can say that he is a man who can be trusted and he knows what he’s doing.

The anatomy and function of your glutes:

The gluteal region is formed by a group of muscles. The largest and the main one is the gluteus maximus.

It is not only the largest one in this area it is the largest and most powerful muscle in the whole body. They provide the necessary support for every movement involving the back and the lower limb.

Nowadays, most of us lead a lifestyle of sitting on desks all day. This leads to weak gluteal muscles as we do not use them as often we should.

When you sit for too long in front of a computer or TV, this decreases your glute muscle activity and causes a condition known as gluteal amnesia “dead butt syndrome”.

Prolonged sitting decreases the blood flow to your muscles and makes them inactive. In order to make up for the dormant muscles, other muscles will work harder. This causes poor posture and multiple muscle imbalances.

Weak glutes are a recipe for poor posture, poor athletic performance and perhaps most worryingly, a higher risk of back, knee and/or lower body injury.

Strong glutes will not only help you have a good back and glutes muscles, it affects multiple body properties as posture.

Normal glutes workout may involve some squats and lunges. This is not the best way to move your glutes.

Brian introduces new exercises instead of the known ones as any average gym coach recommends.

The problem is that the known exercises do not work mainly on glutes. They are just back and leg exercises that work on glutes in a secondary way.

However, as we said before, the gluteal area also consists of other muscles than the gluteus maximus. Other muscles as gluteus medius and minimus are also important. This whole group of muscles will define the shape and the tone of your butt area.

If you go to the gym frequently, you might think that you already exercise your glutes through exercises like squats and heavy-weight deadlift.

When you try the exercises in this program, you will feel your glutes working and burning as never before. Unlock your glutes exercises will target specifically your gluteal region muscles.

What is the Unlock Your Glutes Exercise programme components?

After buying their program you’ll get instant access to the two main parts overt which are:

Unlock your glutes manual

This is an eBook which will teach you in specific details anything you need to know about your glutes you will learn how your glutes are important to your whole body.

Brian -the author- explains exactly in detail and pictures of each exercise showing what works best so that you don’t have any answer to the questions about the exercise regimen.

The complete coaching videos

These are Gym edition of the program videos that will show you how to perform and follow up the training.

They are all high definition videos filmed by Brian himself at his training facility the basic equipment that you will definitely find available at your local gym that helps accelerate the effects of exercises.

There is also a Body weight edition of the videos, useful for using at home or even when you are traveling.


Strong leg’s workout

These are exercises complementing the glutes workout to help achieve the desired results faster.

14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan

This is a simple diet plan to help you lose anybody fat in a short time so you can get a whole better body not just your glutes.

The program chapters’ details.

Chapter No. 1: Meet your glutes. In depth journey to learn everything about your glutes. Function and importance of glutes are explained.

Chapter No. 2: Anatomy and Biomechanics of The Glutes.

A brief lesson about gluteal muscles anatomy to understand them better.

Chapter No.3: The sleeping giant. Explore different exercises that work every gluteal muscle fiber.

Chapter No. 4: A healthy front is a healthy back. Know more about gluteal muscle imbalances and how will strong glutes help your back pain and relieve pain and difficulty in everyday movements.

Chapter No. 5: Health benefits of stronger glutes.

Learn more about the drawbacks of weak glutes and the benefits of strong and active ones.

Chapter No. 6: The Posterior powerhouse.

Know the amount of power the glutes can be responsible for. Different athletes as football players and sprinters depend mainly on their glute power to do the job.

Chapter No. 7: Building a stronger and bigger booty.

The main exercises to know how to build a toned booty and increase its size.

Chapter No. 8: Burn fat to sculpt a round booty.

More cardio and resistance exercises to burn more fat in the gluteal region. The good booty should be toned with less fat around.

Chapter No. 9: The scientific solution.

The basic science about the glutes training backed up with credible sources and scientific citations.

Chapter No. 10: Program overview and parameters.

This chapter includes all the details you need about the exercise program such as nutritions, timing and warm up. It also includes a sheet to track your daily progress.

Chapter No. 11: Final thoughts about the system.

The author discusses some more ideas about the training system.

Chapter No. 12: Workout Charts.

Chapter No. 13: Exercise Definitions and pictures.

A library full of pictures for the exercises.

How to use this program?

This depends mainly on the amount of free time you have and your exercise routines.

If you can spare more than  10 minutes then it is a great idea to do the whole routine twice for maximum results.

If you have established weight training sessions, you can easily add it at the start and at the end of your session.

It is advisable to use this program routine for about 3 times a week, although your glutes muscle can sustain high-intensity training for up to 6 times per week with the right training.

What we liked?

  1. Easy fast access to the program as you will get your e-book copy and Coaching videos instantly after completing the purchase, so you can start working on your glutes immediately
  2. The author has organized the program in a simple informative way, easy language so you can easily follow your training routine daily.
  1. The program is easily affordable at 19 boxes only gives you a lot more than just the money value paid, and two extra books would definitely cost more if you bought them alone.
  2. This product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee to eliminate any risks and showing you how the author is confident about his product and how is his shoe that the program will truly help you.
  3. The video demonstrations are great additions to the program.
  4. The author has spent a lot of time researching and applying his ideas and built this program around trusted information from the latest research
  5. So you are getting a fine, well-revised copy of on-point information that will help you directly to reach your goals.

What we didn’t like?

  • As an online program, their feedback and contact with the other are usually not available or easy.
  • The workouts seem to be easy but choosing your fitness goals depends on your discipline and hard work so you need to practice them regularly if you really want to touch the results.
  • Digital programs are usually difficult to access in remote areas and in case you have no stable internet connection.

Conclusion, Unlock Your Glutes Does it Really Work?

According to some reviews, the program is well-structured and easy to follow, it includes detailed instructions and explanations for each exercise and multiple variations to cater to different fitness levels. The program also includes a nutrition guide to help users to achieve their fitness goals.

Some people have reported positive results from using the program, saying that they have seen improvements in their glute strength and appearance.

However, it’s important to note that individual results may vary, and results may not be typical. Additionally, the program may not be suitable for everyone, and it is always recommended to speak with a healthcare professional before starting any new workout program.

It’s important to research and read many reviews before considering purchasing any workout program.

It’s also important to make sure that the program is suitable for your fitness level, and if you have any injuries or health conditions, to consult with a healthcare professional before starting the program.

After offering this in-depth review to unlock your glutes program, you can easily advise you to buy the program.

As it is inexpensive and offers money-back guarantee through so you will basically lose nothing.

But you can win a great start towards your fitness goals through the advice of a professional trainer like Brian.

This program has helped many people everywhere around the world and we highly recommend you give it a try.

These fitness programs usually require a certain degree of health and physique, so if you have any injury or medical conditions be sure to consult your physiotherapist before using the program to make sure it will cause you no harm.

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